Easy Peasy Kids: Apple Print Painting

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Here’s something that we enjoyed creating on a cold and rainy day.  There wasn’t anything particularly special about this activity; to be honest they may not even make it to the fridge display. It was as simple as providing the materials and watching my girls explore and create happily. Create they did, some simple yet wonderful Apple Print Paintings.

Why apples? mostly because they were looking quite sad and ready for the compost heap. My “I’ll bake something with these” days had all passed by and they were looking rather sorry. Perfect way to give them one last purpose before rinsing them off and popping in the compost. You might have potatoes that could occasionally receive the same fate?

The apples were a great size for Miss 1’s little hands to manipulate and Miss Daisy (3) was interested to see the way the apple appeared differently on the inside depending on where it was cut. Both have enjoyed stamping and printing before so they were able to explore this activity freely with minimal assistance.


What you will need for apple print painting

– a selection of paints (we used paper plates to contain our paint and act as a large stamp pad)

– brushes (optional)

– paper or fabric

– apples cut in half (we cut both across the core and down the centre of the apple to create different stamps)


Apple print painting

It was interesting to see the way the girls both preferred to use the brush to begin with. Although once the notion of mixing colours and double dipping was explored there was no going back! Note the in built handle by cutting the top of the halved apple – this was perfect for little hands.

And finally after the girls had explored on multiple sheets of paper I grabbed some linen off cuts for Miss Daisy to print. She was very interested in using a different surface for printing on and proudly proclaimed that we’d sew something with these once they were dry – this girl’s been around fabric long enough to know that if it’s fabric we will make something from it!

Sometimes it’s the simple things that can create endless fun and we certainly had a great time exploring printing with these old apples.


Apple print painting

What’s your favourite manipulative for printing and stamping?

My favourite part of this activity is the simplicity of just needing a few things to get started for a whole lot of fun; exploring textures, colours and fine motor skills. On a warm day it can be moved outside  and the children can rinse off  and incorporate some water play.” Nathalie Brown

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Bek is an Australian wife & mother. A primary school teacher on leave as a SAHM to two little girls, Miss Daisy (3) and Li'l Peppa (1). Just For Daisy is where she shares about her life and the loves of her life. Baking. Sewing. Crafting. Playing. all keep her busy. Her TV hasn't been plugged in in 2 years but the iPad is always on charge. You'll usually find her in the veggie patch or making a mess in the kitchen with two happy spoon lickers.

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  1. They look like they had a great time! I need to do more of these simple exploratory activities with my girls. Paint is just so much fun and I should try to use in more ways like this.

  2. One of the first things I did notice was the handle, which is fantastic because I don’t ever remember that happening with potatoes. Great idea. As are gloop-proof smocks which don’t let paint through. Lovely colours they’d make great wrapping paper 🙂

  3. Nae peters says

    So easy & kids of all ages would have a ball with this. Love the way you cut a little bit out of the top, this is on our Xmas Holliday list to do 🙂

  4. The little hand holder is really clever Bek 🙂 Yes, we’ve had some sad old potatoes too which have turned into lovely stamps. My kids really enjoy stamping with bottle tops – oddly enough 🙂 They like all the different sized circles and they are easy enough to collect before popping things in the recycling.

  5. That looks like loads of fun! That could make a good Christmas gift wrap activity too 🙂

    • I think we’ll use some potatoes to make some Christmas paper Kate! 🙂 We’ll use our Christmas cookie cutters then cut out the excess potato with a paring knife for perfect shapes! 🙂 Can’t wait to do more Christmas crafting!

  6. I’ve used potatoes for printing before but not apples. I’m going to have to give this idea a go. Thank you.

  7. I loved this activity as a child. I think it is time that I cut up some apples and let me kids have a turn.

  8. Thanks for sharing! If you ever need some batik painting supplies and such on your kids party then we’re just an e-mail away. Contact us and learn more of your artistic side and your kids!

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