Child Abuse happens with someone you know and trust. How to teach your child to say no.

I was asked by Marita from Stuff with Thing if I could write a post on how to empower child on the spectrum or with different needs to protect them against child abuse. I was honoured to consult with  Holly-ann Martin the founder and Managing Director of Safe4Kids  who wrote this post on protecting our children from child abuse. I believe this advice can help all children. Children that may need … [Read more...]

Child Behaviour: How to build Resilience in our children

Resilience the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. Traumatic issues whether emotional or physical abuse take much longer to recover from, some stay with you for the rest of your life, you move on the best you can. Some days will be hellish and some days a little better. This post is about increasing resilience in our children in everyday situations at home and at school. Resilience … [Read more...]

Child Behaviour: Making an Uninterrupted Phone Call with Kids

How to work from home with children   You child could be sitting there quite happily, playing away, when ring ring there goes the phone. The child looks up , its competitor - the phone has got mum's attention. "Yes, I know I was quite happily doing my own things a minute ago but now that you are on the phone, I really need your full attention!" "Look at me mum, look what I can do, let me … [Read more...]

Parenting: Alzheimer’s and my children “I don’t want granny to die”

Parenting: Alzheimers and my children "I don't want granny to die" When my seven year old son looks at me with  pockets of tears welling in his blue eyes and whispers in a broken voice as he tries to keep himself from crying uncontrollably "Mummy I don't want granny to die" I hug him. I hug him so very tight, kiss his forehead and  breathe my words out softly back "I don't want granny to die … [Read more...]

Your Childrens’ Drawings

Your Children's Drawings I'm a little excited over the moon and happy to announce that my first book is nearly ready. I've decided to go with an e-Book of 365 daily insights into child behaviour. The book will consist of all my daily tips and further observations of why children behave the way they do and the techniques I have found help improve their behaviour and sometimes even yours ;) It … [Read more...]

Child communication “Sticks & stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” ….

Child Communication -What you say is important! "Sticks & stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" Uhmm, Wrong! Your words are the most powerful and influential source on your child's behaviour and the values they start to believe in. Your words can make your child feel on top of the world or confused and upset. Child communication means watching what you say Words influence … [Read more...]

Managing conflict. A story of chalk and cheese…

Managing conflict. A story of chalk and cheese… Pretty much every morning my nine-year-old daughter can’t seem to get ready for school. Not every morning. But lots. It ends in tears. Not always. But lots. It is fair to say it’s a source of ongoing conflict – and it’s very hard to manage! Even when she is trying to get it together, something ‘happens’ to make it all fall apart – in the final 20 … [Read more...]