Easy Peasy Cartoon Clay Pencil Toppers

This is an easy peasy craft I did with my 5 year old for a bit of school holiday fun combined with back-to-school anticipation, or in our case, beginning big school for the first time ever! These little pencil toppers probably won’t take to being tossed around in a school bag very well without breaking and will be kept at home to look fabulous on the girls new ‘homework desk’. They are very easy … [Read more...]

Easy Peasy Sugarless Cookies made with honey.

We absolutely love baking – if you visit Just For Daisy it’s chocked full of recipes and Miss Daisy is almost always involved. She measures, stirs, pours and can crack eggs with the best of them! At Christmas time our shortbread recipe  gets a good workout and we also love to make iced sugar cookies to gift to our friends and neighbours.   However, sugar cookies, as their name suggests, … [Read more...]

Whoosh and it’s over

     Whoosh (v.) to pass by very rapidly.   Everyone I know has had a super busy crazy year. “How are you?” “Super busy, I’m flat out. It’s crazy at the moment, haven’t got hours in day” The last weeks of schools, kindergartens and outside school activities go into overdrive with carols, concerts, speech nights, graduations and finals matches. The busy year gets even busier … [Read more...]

Easy Peasy Woolly Wreath Tree Ornaments

These wreath ornaments are an easy peasy craft for all ages, as well as inexpensive and not too messy (a bit of a change for us, my kids are glitter-obsessed!). I made these with the my girls who are four and five in an afternoon, and although it challenged their patience and fine motor skills they both managed to finish a wreath each. I was very proud! This is how you make them… You will … [Read more...]

Facebook Behaviour: To err is human but not on Facebook.

Facebook has interwoven itself  into many of our lives in that it is a daily integrated routine, like brushing teeth or making the school lunches. On waking  it may possibly be one of the first things you now do, as you log in to check your Facebook page. I know I do. Logging onto my business page Easy Peasy Kids to check if everything is running smoothly (no nastiness against comments or people … [Read more...]

Easy Peasy Kids: Apple Print Painting

Here's something that we enjoyed creating on a cold and rainy day.  There wasn’t anything particularly special about this activity; to be honest they may not even make it to the fridge display. It was as simple as providing the materials and watching my girls explore and create happily. Create they did, some simple yet wonderful Apple Print Paintings. Why apples? mostly because they were looking … [Read more...]

I’d like to know 11 things about you. I’ll start with me.

It is an incredibly busy time of year and I really should be working on crossing to do’s off the list, or start picking up clothes off the bedroom. You know those times when you really feel you should be something but you can’t be arsed bothered. I blame Lana, someone I’ve never had the pleasure to meet in real life, yet I was drawn to her blog post “11 things you probably don’t know about … [Read more...]