Digital Parents Conference 2012 “Remember to Breathe”

Digital Parents Conference 2012 “Remember to Breathe”

Wow, it is here. At the start of the week it looked like I was going to have to pull out, mum was unwell and I had to put everything all hold, including my son’s Birthday, he was seven. Although I did manage to get back for  his Birthday cake and my life line his Godmother an angel on earth stepped in for the day and took over the house and my family. She baked his ice cream cake, did my laundry, tidied the whole house and Miss 16 cooked her brothers’ birthday dinner. Life eh?  keeps throwing stuff at us and when we think we can take no more -bang something else comes along. We wing our way through and somehow manage.  I’m beyond excited that I am away from home for two nights, it will mean I’ll be the one ducking outside to call mum so I can talk loudly in Spanish down the phone. So if you see me walking out I’m OK just calling base camp.

 Digital Parents Conference 2012 “Keep Breathing”

I’ve been blogging for sort of nearly a year, I say sort of because I had never heard of blogging until last year (yes I live under a rock sometimes) and I had just been writing my little thoughts on child behaviour and life in Face Book notes. Then the Mr and I set up a Word Press Blog and as you can clearly see we have no idea how to layout out, I even have difficulty with my font colours, as you can see on this post, it is like I have gremlins living inside my blog. Now I have attended some amazing Blogging Events and I have listened and taken notes till I got cramps in my hand. Then I learnt that the lovely Blogging hosts release a big wrap up so you do not have to worry about getting everything written down.

You will learn heaps, it can feel overwhelming, keywords, long tail keywords, layout, about me, SEO, RSS etc…I have not had a easy time trying to get my website and blog redone – long story, so my blog although I know it is not aesthetically that pleasing to the eye still gets read. So don’t feel all panicky like I did after my first conference on all the changes I should be making, it’s your blog and it really is your words that matter (I keep telling myself that).

Digital Parents Conference 2012 “Breathe, Breathe, have a drink”

The best thing for me is being is a room of like minded people, I’m stating the obvious but our connection is blogging. Whether we agree or disagree on different topics, does not matter, it is the blogging community a vast array of different voices joining together because of the passion to blog. I know my Mr does not get it and the majority of my friends do not get it but I get it and you get it. For me at school in English classes my writing was  never to  quite to the right standard, too many grammatical errors, too slangy, a bit to Spanglish but I continue to blog about behaviour my passion, it’s my work and my life in general.

I am looking forward to meeting my buddies Megan Kay who blogs at Eden Rose and Madmother and hope to meet many of you, as a am also an Usherette to the tables.

I am grinning from ear to ear as I am sharing a room with Kristy Imperfect Mum, who I have never met but have had great chats with on the phone.

Digital Parents Conference :What I know

Blogging & Twitter Behaviour

It may feel overwhelming, 150 people in one room talking equals loudness

It is hard to get around to speak everyone, sometimes an bit of eye contact and a smile is all you will get

Don’t worry about remembering everyones name, yes you can call me Easy Peasy Kids, Nat, Nathalie, the Facebook lady, EPK,

No, although I lived in the UK I do not know the Supernanny

I know I uhmmm a lot between questions, I try to think of my answer before speaking and sometimes I think in Spanish and then translate into English.

I spend so much time with children, I may get a little excited talking to adults.

I am not a parenting expert, I study and work with behaviour mainly children but work with adults too.

I carry vast amounts of chocolates with me

I’m bringing a toy box full of toys, so come see me if your kids are getting bored or you need a break.

I have GIANT butterflies in my tummy

I am looking forward to the dancing  and a drink or two or three.

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Nathalie Brown

Child Behaviour Consultant at Easy Peasy Kids
Child Behaviourist and researcher. Creator of "Less tantrums. More smiles". I look at the bigger picture and think outside the box when working with children and their behaviour. Their world is different. As adults we sometimes forget this. Happiness Creator in my spare time. Eater of chocolate and cake.

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  1. Maaaaaatey! I’m so glad things have levelled out for you and your Mum sounds stable. I’m only just home now too, checking mail, about to pack! So many unexpected things happen like an unscheduled lunchtime school pick up and yet another one 3.30 then drop kids to grandma on the way (Dad will pick them up on the way home from the airport) but I am doing exactly what you say- trying to remember to breathe!! Oh and to leave Mr’s keys in a safe place because he just rang to say he forgot them. Seat of the pants living!

  2. Denyse Whelan says

    Hi Nat, such a lovely thing to read, and know that you are being cared for too…love the love I read then. I am looking forward to a hug and seeing your smile. Very soon in fact. Denyse X

  3. You are a good woman Nat, always thinking of others. So glad things panned out so you can be there.

  4. Just having my cuppa before I head in. Lovely to see you again last night and looking forward to today. (just one of those comments we talked about last night) x

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