Digital Parents Conference “It’s OK to be you!”

Digital Parents Conference “It’s OK to be You!”

I have a lot to say about the Digital Parents Conference but I’m feeling nice (and have my Mr 7’s Birthday Party in a few hours) and will not bore you with the continuous stream of thoughts inside my head, so in just some bullet points this is what I learnt.

  • It’s OK to be exactly who you are, your voice, your blog, do it your way. There is not an actual printed Blogging Rule Book, with the laws about Blogging.
  • Digital Parents know how to put together a rocking Conference and how to Party
  • Bloggers know how to Party- Big time
  • Bloggers carry their heart on the outside, we are so very real and our Blog shows who we are
  • I want a Photo Booth in my house
  • I want everyone I spoke to to live in my neighbourhood
  • I was on a panel with Edenland and Baby Mac and managed not to drool on them
  • I love to dance
  • It’s OK to Value myself and my Blog
  • When I grow up I’d like to have just a little of Valerie Khoo’s knowledge and stage presence
  • I cried listening to Bloggers read their story
  • I laughed a lot, I laughed at least every 10 minutes and every 1 minutes with my room mate Imperfect Mum and our extra room mate Modern Parent
  • I forgot to pack a Toothbrush but remembered to pack my bucket of Maltesers
  • The Buddy system was a fab idea, made two new friendships Eden Rose and Madmother
  • Edenland is going to Africa, her voice is strong, tough, raw and so very real, a MUST Read
  • I want a chocolate fountain in my house
  • I have a lot of cleaning products in my goody bag I admit I wasn’t sure what some of the cleaning products were, thank goodness for the  3 part video to show me how to clean.
  • Apparently my room was in the dodgy part of the hotel
  • You cannot make everyone happy, you can only be you.
  • I cuddled Mrs Woog a least twice
  • I cuddled a lot and there is a lot of power in a cuddle/hug
  • You can use your Voice, your Blog for Social Good
  • Magnetoboldtoo Tattoos last for ever, I’m branded for life
  • Although you may be focused on the party and Conference if you stop and look carefully there may be somebody else who needs a hug
  • Its Ok To cry and admit  you miss your kids, no need to hide
  • It’s OK to cry for anything, an emotion is real and valid, let it out
  • I may not attend another Conference as it will be hard to not compare the awesomeness of this one.
  • I love talking into the early hours
  • I still get clucky seeing babies, very clucky
  • I will continue blogging
  • I will not be scared to blog
  •  I missed those who couldn’t attend at the last minute and those that just couldn’t make it.
  • A short conversation or an acknowledgement nod, smile, eye contact means a lot
  • I eat far too much chocolate
  • Some people may not like you and that’s OK, that is life
  • Some people may like you a lot and that’s Brilliant, that is life.
  • My feet are sore from killer heels
  • I miss the hotel breakfast choice
  • I miss the hotel bar
  • Australian Bloggers are Super Powerful
  • I’m a mum, wife and carer and the break at the Digital Parents Conference allowed me to be Just ME – I like that a lot.

What did you learn at The Digital Parents Conference?

If you have a any photos that I may be in and any others you don’t mind me having  and I know you do, could you email them to  I’m making a photo board for my office hint hint Bernie Brand 

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Nathalie Brown

Child Behaviour Consultant at Easy Peasy Kids
Child Behaviourist and researcher. Creator of "Less tantrums. More smiles". I look at the bigger picture and think outside the box when working with children and their behaviour. Their world is different. As adults we sometimes forget this. Happiness Creator in my spare time. Eater of chocolate and cake.

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  1. It WAS pretty awesome. I loved that we were all so completely different – and that was OK.
    Glad we got to catch up again, N. x

    • Kellie we spoke, then I got distracted but I’m so glad we did catch up albeit briefly, so pleased all is going so fab for you Nx

  2. Nat – Right on! I think you stole my blog post 🙂

    It’s also ok to shine a loving spirit so bright that other people are left in awe. That would be you x

  3. Its great you had a wonderful break as you so deserve it.You handle yourself with such grace through the rough times with your mum etc and I admire that so much.I love your blog for the very reasons of the title of this one.You are not afraid to be you and so you show us and give us strength to be ourselves.Thankyou for that x

  4. Mrs Woog says

    Has the best time ever and was also lucky enough to meet some excellent new mates and catch up with old ones. As always, you are a ray of sunshine xxx

    • I has the best time ever too and YOU are a Like a whole lit up Universe, loved your singing and those dance moves totally rock, will be borrowing those today for Mr7’s party xx

  5. That is a brilliant summary of the conference. It was such a surreal experience for me. I am fairly new to blogging so stayed in the background a bit. I really enjoyed listening to you on the panel and look forward to reading more of your blog. I so want a photo booth too!!

    • I remember my first conference was very surreal too, almost like a haze, so overwhelming yet a lot of fun too. I’m sure you will feel a little braver next time and come over and say hi if I’m there. I was very nervous on the panel, I’m use to talking to groups of children but I did my best, Photo booths rock Nx

  6. Great summary Nat! Loved seeing you again. Hope you can get away again in June and come to Sydney for the next blogging get together and we can do our backs in again dancing,

    • Not sure if I can get away in June but will try as any time spent with you is worth so much, you are a Diamond and I feel I’ve know you forever Nx

  7. I think you speak for all of us in this post. Brilliant. x

  8. Moo adored her presents.

    I adored your hugs.

    You are in my heart forever.


    PS – baby oil gets the tattoo off.

  9. Beth Macdonald says

    It was SO nice to meet you too – shame we didn't get longer. Next year right?

  10. Great to hear your thoughts, and sorry I missed dancing with you! Next time!

  11. Oh look at you gorgeous, the Lady In Red! Thanks for sharing these pics. Even though I didn’t get to go this year, I am loving reading about how much fun everyone had and all that they learnt along the way. xx

  12. It was an amazing time, wasn’t it. And so many things I learned, too. You said it so well:

    * You cannot make everyone happy, you can only be you
    * It’s OK to cry for anything, an emotion is real and valid
    * There is not an actual printed Blogging Rule Book

  13. Lee Alexander says

    Spot on Nathalie. It was all kinds of awesome. Great to meet you. x

  14. Love this post, Nat. Love. Thank

    • Brenda if I ever need a party organised I’ll be calling you, you really have an amazing talent for organising such a fab conference day and night. I know from speaking to those there how very impressed we all were,you rock and are simply divine.xx

  15. Megan Kay says

    Wow, thank you so much for being my buddy! It was so great to meet you and spend time with you x I really appreciate you taking me under your wing and introducing me to do many lovely bloggers, I can’t wait to catch up with you again sometime soon xx

  16. Loved meeting you x

  17. Excellent summary! I love that I got to see you put everything aside for the time you had and just throw yourself into it with energy and enthusiasm. That goes triple for the hugging, smiling, dancing and photobooth!

    So lucky I am, to call you friend. xxx

  18. {{heart}}

  19. Jane Hallisey says

    I didn't have the pleasure of meeting you… but this list is so right! Awesome!

  20. Love this Nathalie, you've summed it up brilliantly.

    • Thanks Mandy, it was an awesome day, spoke to many but also missed out on many too, next time I’m making sure I talk to those I missed Nx

  21. It was so so fabulous to meet you. I was beyond excited to meet you.

  22. It seems like it lasted for a lot longer than just a day (and a night).. so many amazing stories.. 🙂

  23. Love how many photos you have taken! I always forget something!

  24. This is a fabulous list, and I loved meeting you.

  25. Love this post – feel so special I got to sit with you x

  26. Wow the photos seem to say we had a good time! What! We had an awesome time! Loved meeting you too xxx

  27. I don’t know how I missed this post?! I loved “It’s OK to Value myself and my Blog” – absolutely! That’s one thing I realised too on the day. I was as valid as any blogger in the room.

    I’m so glad you got to have a bit of a break and a rockin’ good time at the conference! Hopefully next time I’ll have the courage to say hello to you! xx

    • Oh Deb you don’t need courgae 😉 to say h to me, just a 🙂 And Yes we are all very valid and congrats on the win hope you enjoy the break away xx

  28. What an amazing experience, I hope to join in the fun one day …. although the idea of all that ‘IRL’ stuff scares me a wee bit!

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