My Happy Place Day Four

My Happy Place Day Four

My Happy Place

This was on my Facebook wall today and it made me happy and I tried so hard to keep that feeling of happiness all day. I am happy that I’m doing this Challenge and I really do love all your comments and those of you who have linked up your blogs. I  enjoy the variety of Happy Places and everyone I’ve read has made me happy.

My Happy Place Sometimes

Sometimes I try so hard to have a day with out any bumps

Sometimes I’m so tired I want to sleep for a week

Sometimes I want to say exactly what I’m feeling

Sometimes it all gets too hard

Sometimes I wish I were stronger

Sometimes I over analyse far too much

Sometimes I wish I knew myself better

Sometimes my head gets all confused

Sometimes I miss my girlfriends so very much

Sometimes I’d like to runaway but not too far

Sometimes I’d rather be quiet

But I always want to be loved.


So my Happy Place today is knowing that my children love me as their mum, I love who they are so much, their little quirks, their smiles and passion for living in the now, is a Happy Place I can access pretty much all the time.

This is the Easy peasy kids photo shoot, where the lovely photographer had to put up with our constant giggles 🙂

My Happy Place

As Always Looking Forward To Reading Your Happy Thoughts, You Can Link Up Your Blog Below, Or Leave Your Happy Thoughts  In The Comments Section.  Thanks For Making Me Happy And Not Lonely On My Happy Challenge. Love Nathalie X


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Nathalie Brown

Child Behaviour Consultant at Easy Peasy Kids
Child Behaviourist and researcher. Creator of "Less tantrums. More smiles". I look at the bigger picture and think outside the box when working with children and their behaviour. Their world is different. As adults we sometimes forget this. Happiness Creator in my spare time. Eater of chocolate and cake.

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  1. Kimberley Nix says

    my sons laugh is my happy place! he has such an infectious giggle! and the fact he’s started giving random kisses and has learned to hug 🙂
    Annnd I know no matter how busy I get my Foxtel is always going to record my Greys Anatomy episodes so I can watch whenever i can 🙂

    • Love children’s laughter, I’m very luck with my work that I get to hear it everyday and with my own two giggling 🙂 Foxtel hmmm recorded fav shows 🙂 xx

  2. Sandra Fragoso says

    Last Night I found out Hubby’s Grandad Died! He was a Wine grower for Port & lived off the Land. I will never forget how he taught me how to braid onions! I loved it! I connected with him & the beautiful landscape. God Bless!

    • Sandra sorry to hear of Grandad’s lost but as you well know parts of him will live on through you and his braid onions I’m sure a tradition to pass on.

  3. Natalie Villa says

    Happy Place… Today, I’d have to say I had a good laugh at work. I’m a teachers aide, and work in an all girls’ high school. I always seem to get the sweetest of girls to work with. 
    Today we laugh at EVERYTHING! I’m sure these 12/13 year olds keep me young. I learnt all about Justin Bieber, nailpolish, how to text during class, the latest hip songs etc. I laughed so much at their comments, so naive and honest, sometimes brutally honest! They notice all the small things… Things we take for granted.
    Yes, these girls will keep me feeling young, but most importantly make me laugh and appreciate life. 

    • Love teen girls and yes they do keep us young, I’ve learnt all the teen talk – Miss 15 thinks its hilarious and rolls her eyes.

  4. Catherine says

    My happy place today is a clean house! One I cleaned myself while Mr 2 and Miss 1 were at Nanas. It took all day as I discovered many little fingerprints at knee height on windows, walls, cupboards, couches, chairs, fridge……every little fingerprint or drool mark I found brought a smile – they are very industrious!

    • Catherine that is so lovely , that you noticed their prints as a Happy place. It’s amazing where you can find their prints and things xx

  5. Claire says

    My day has just become so much brighter !! It is dull damp and miserable here but my friend just popped in unexpectedly and has brightened up the day soooo much ! Here’s to good friends.

  6. Rachelle says

    Had a great morning. Started off with awesome exercise session, had great catch up with friends over coffee. Was enjoying my self so much that I wasn’t even bothered when my fairly new sun glasses broke in half I actually laughed. Felt good to see the funny side=)

    • It is amazing how being happier ricochets throughout your day. Sorry your sunnies broke but pleased your saw the funny side. Sunnies are replaceable, whereas many other things are not xx

  7. Love that you allow yourslef to be happy sometimes but still see the good in everything. Thanks!

  8. Jo Thomson says

    I got to my Happy Place early today. After getting up early for boot camp, I returned home to a still sleeping house… To find my youngest daughter had woken up and happily climbed into bed with her middle sister and fallen back to sleep. It was the sweetest thing to return home to… I captured the moment and showed it to the girls when they woke. I used it as my Happy Place all day… Photos are a great memory <3

    • That’s so adorable, I take photos during the day too, mainly for mum’s journal, then they always make me smile at the end of the day.xx

  9. It was a beautiful day in Melbourne today, wasn’t it? I was happy driving in the warm sun, knowing that summer is on its way.

  10. debbie says

    Today I spent the day with my cousin, we ate cheese cake for breakfast, spent the day watched dvd’s and painted our toe nails. Tonight hubby and I laughed so hard at our girls running around in their new super hero costumes.

  11. Chelsea says

    Today after reading your frustations with homework. I remembered in yr six I questioned my teacher on a spelling mistake he thought I’d made. I was not happy getting 19 out of 20. I want this relooked at I demanded. It makes me laugh now looking back at what a perfectionist I was then (so not now …..). I wonder what my kids will be like.

    • Good on you for questioning your grade. It happened to Miss 15 she was actually given two Maths tests, one with calculator use and one without. Teachers gave here the opposite ones, so she sat the calculator one without a calculator and found it really hard. The teacher was very sorry.
      I have happy memories for school too.

  12. Happy Thing #5: I’m happy that I’m lucky enough to be test driving a new car this week. I am now enjoying something others might take for granted. It’s lifted my spirits.

    It may seem a little bit shallow at first but when you realise my old warhorse is older than my son – I bought it when I was pregnant and he is almost 12- it really is a joy to get about in something new, clean and shiny. It doesn’t have the stale old whiff of a thousand back seat snacks or the damp smell from the undetectable rain leak that’s had me driving around with newspapers under my squelching feet. Everything works.

    Even the dashboard technology has me wide-eyed like a kid. Navigator, mp-3 player, reverse camera, hands free phone thingy in the steering wheel! It’s utterly astonishing how much has changed or been invented since I bought my car. (Which by the way *was* last century…) 😉

  13. My day started in a very happy place … lying in bed breastfeeding my littlest, my 3 year old coming in for cuddles. And best of all, I’d had over 4 hours straight sleep for the first time in weeks and I felt happy and relaxed, and just lay watching, cuddling and feeling like the luckiest woman alive 🙂
    It set me up for a much happier, stress-free day and I didn’t even get annoyed when my original comment disappeared into the cyber wilderness, lol!

    • Totally relate to 4 hours sleep straight as my mum gets up during the night 🙂 Love morning cuddles they can kep you happy for the day xx

  14. I got the sweetest message on my phone from my 2 year old son saying “Mommy, I went poopy on the potty. YAY!” We’ve been trying since May to accomplish that goal!

    • A first poo in a potty is a great happy place, what a fab message to hear. It is a very big deal for using the potty. My daughter was happy using the potty but did not like it when I flushed it down the loo.
      We had to sing a Bye Bye poo song 🙂

      • His problem wasn’t saying goodbye but instead he refused to poop because “it was dangerous.” HAHA, I love the way their minds work.

  15. jasmine barton says

    My happy place is always in the arms of my girls <3

  16. Candice Needham says

    What a great idea to write about and what an uplifting read! 🙂
    Looking forward to reading more! x

  17. Love your Happy Place stories! I am at work today so I will reach my real happy place when I get home to my boys (hubby and son) tonight.

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