My Happy Place Day Twenty Three

My Happy Place Day Twenty Three

‘Dress (Noun) a one-piece garment for a woman or girl that covers thebody and extends down over the legs.’


Today I had practically the whole day with my daughter Miss 15. We went shopping together to buy a dress for her school social next week.

Easier said than done. Now I’m either very old fashioned, getting very old or just completely out of touch.

Some of the dresses for her age range were exposing so much flesh and boobage, I felt she would look like this lovely lady just here.

My Happy Place – Miss 15 agreed with me! 

Now after Miss 15 had tried on a number of dresses very small bits of material, in a number of different shops I really thought “What next?” My 15 year old wants to look and feel special at her first social, we haven’t got mega bucks to spend in a posh frock shop, yet I didn’t want her to buy something like this short little number.

Even Miss 15 didn’t want to buy anything that she tried on -Phew!

But we did hit jack pot and bought the one and only suitable dress in the whole shopping centre. Miss 15 looks gorgeous and also bought her first ever pair of high heels – peep toe shoes in gold glitter, something that her mum may even borrow 🙂

So my Happy Place is having spent a brilliant day with Miss 15 and finding an actual dress.


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Nathalie Brown

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Child Behaviourist and researcher. Creator of "Less tantrums. More smiles". I look at the bigger picture and think outside the box when working with children and their behaviour. Their world is different. As adults we sometimes forget this. Happiness Creator in my spare time. Eater of chocolate and cake.

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  1. Thank you. You have just confirmed my worst fears for when I need to face socials when miss 3 becomes miss 15!

    Love your blog xx

  2. Natalie Villa says

    Oh my! I’m dreading getting to that stage! I’m sure I’ll feel exactly the same way. Scary times are ahead 🙁
    My happy moment today… Getting a note from school saying there is a teachers strike tomorrow! That means no work for me (I’m a teachers aide), no school for the kids, no lunches to make, uniforms to organize and best of all I get to sleep in! Yes I feel GOOD 😀

  3. I’ve been there too Natalie! Do they have the store “Forever 21” in Australia? That is my girls’ favorite and luckily they have found some cute, inexpensive dresses there that aren’t too revealing. It was Halloween last night in California and I saw girls running around in all sorts of skimpy outfits –ahh!!
    Anyway, Halloween was a blast! My Mr. 10 an I met up went trick or treating with another family and their Mr. 9. We went to an awesome haunted house put on by a family who has been doing this tradition for the past 25 year. Each year the theme/effects are different. It was just enough scary to make us all scream, but not nightmare scary. We all came out laughing at ourselves.
    The nice thing about this too is that the family collects canned food (as well as monetary donations) to give to the local food bank.

    • Yes Forever is now here, but they had nothing in her size. Wow your Halloween sounds soooo much fun and what a fab idea to colect for charity aswell. x

  4. Yay for having two boys!!!

    My happy moment today was when Mr 4 told me (twice) that his favourite thing in the whole wide world was playing with me. Of course I knew that already, but it’s lovely to hear it 🙂

  5. Think I would be glad to have 3 boys in the sort of situation. Glad to hear your daughter chose a sensible dress! Not sure why so many girls feel the need to dress like playboy bunnies…

  6. Of course your parenting would be working!!! Miss 15 sounds live a lovely “young lady”, and what a great role model you are for her. I love taking my miss 3.5 shopping and for a coffee now, but the later years scare me a bit.

    My happy place for day 23 was having chocolate cakes that my family had made for my birthday. Priceless.

    Sooz xxx

    • Miss 15 is a lovely young lady and we laughed so much yesterday, I still remember my shopping days with her when she was 3 and they were fun too. Belated Birthday wishes and how ovely that you got a home made family birthday cake, so much love goes into those xx

  7. Georgie U says

    Guess I have that to look forward to!

    My happy place today is feeling proud that I just baked my husband a cake – I’m a non-baker generally speaking. My lovely Miss two had a great time sitting on the bench playing with her own wee mixture and my measuring spoons and cup, then spreading the left over scrapings of mixture on a wee piece of baking paper – oh the mess, but I delighted in watching her have so much fun.

    Also, master 6’s first tooth fell out this morning – He felt so grown up and proud. Can’t believe how much he’s grown lately. It fills me with a sense of pride – which equates to happiness for me.

    Hope your daughter has fun at her social! Surely she would gain respect for dressing in a respectable way. Sounds like you’ve done something right there!

    • Georgie I’m not much of a baker either but like you I still love having a go especially with Mr 6 and Miss 15 in the kitchen, the cooking experience always turns out to be heaps of fun. So will the toothfairy be visting tonight, hoe exciting. x

  8. Thats a great story. I also have a 15 yr-old daughter. I was also dreading going shopping for said small scrap of fabric. But, to my surprise she chose – of her own accord – something very modest but still very pretty.
    We are lucky to have self-respecting daughters. Obviously we have done something right whilst raising them!
    My daughter said after having had a great time at the ball that she thought the few girls who did not dress “appropriately” couldnt have any fun anyway because they spent the whole evening keeping their small scraps of fabric in the right places!
    She thought they were very silly.
    Go MY daughter! 🙂

  9. Kate – My Dear Angel says

    My happy moment today was out shopping with Miss Five and Mr Two. They hit the dance floor in Dick Smith’s Electronics (the Playstation display set up) and dragged me on to dance too. At first Miss Five said ‘why do you look so scared?’ and I replied, ‘most adults don’t dance in shops, but you know what? I will.’ And so we all danced together while waiting for Daddy.

  10. Catherine says

    I hope Miss 15 has a lovely time at the school social. My happy place today might seem a bit “heavy” or over the top but I am happy with my life. Prior to being a part of My Happy Place challenge I thought that my life was tough and that I was letting myself down by not getting done everything I “should” get done. But on reflection I have a very good life. I am well, all the important people in my life are healthy, I have a loving husband and children and fantastic extended family and friends. I have a stable job. Sure there are things in my life I would like to change or moments when I think it is really hard but really I should be grateful for all the positives. So today I am happy for being me!

    • Catherine you happy place is exactly what you are feeling today, there is nothing heavy or over the top about it at all. Be happy being you and really acknolwdeging all he wonderful positives you have in your life.xx

  11. debbie says

    My Happy #23; That a very fun halloween night with family sleep over party at our place we all got dressed up adults too. Very funny when my hubby put on my cousins witches costume on at the end of the night!! lol Today had a lovely lunching at my friends house for Melb Cup.

  12. Love this article. Beautifully written, Nathalie.

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