My Happy Place Day Six

My Happy Place Day Six

I was never very good at Maths and it is still not my strong point, I look at Miss 15 who does accelerated Maths homework and feel completely out of my depth. I have no idea what she is doing or even how to use the giant contraption which looks like a calculator.

At school my downfall was Maths, so my parents very kindly found me a maths tutor, the only upside was that my best friend was going to be tutored at the same time.

Our parents thought it was a brilliant idea, we would both go together to see the Maths tutor on  a Friday after school. Yes the last day of a school week, they send my best friend who I will now call Miss P to Maths classes!

My Happy Place Maths Avoidance

Miss P and myself became experts in excuses as to why we couldn’t get to our Maths class. Our parents never knew and now I do feel a little bad about it but hey I’m over it too.

We use to go, just not every week. We would even get as far as the tube station near the Maths tutors class and change our minds.

We would call from a phone box and say: we had miss the tube, we had drama practice, one of us was sick, our parents were sick, we had a detention, you name it we probably used it as an excuse.

Then one day we came up with the best excuse ever, Miss P rang and told our Maths tutor I had broken my arm, she just blurted it out and we managed to get away with it and missed two consecutive Fridays of tutoring.

My Happy Place “Well help your friend”

On week three, we had Maths tests coming up and school and we realised we could do with a little tutoring.

Miss P “How long does a broken arm take to heal?”

Me “Six weeks I think”

Now we laughed hysterically a nervous hysterical laugh, of what are we going to do?

So we finish school on Friday, head to the shops to buy bandages and a sling, go to the ladies toilets and bandage my left arm up and manage to put it in a sling.

We are really very impressed with ourselves and get to our Maths tutors house, who is very concerned about my arm, how I broke it, how brave I am and we start the lesson.

Now although a great plan, I struggle using an eraser, with my sling and the Maths tutor turns to Miss P and says ” You know you really should be helping your poor dear friend more, here help her rub out her mistake”

I needed to go to the loo and as I’m on my way there I hear the Maths Tutor ordering Miss P “Well help your friend, she can’t possibly go to the loo on her own with her broken arm in the sling”

Poor Miss P had to endure another three weeks of being my personal assistant at the Maths Tutors house, with my fake broken arm. Miss P kept it together, shooting me dirty and funny looks, whilst I tried not to giggle.

It makes me happy this memory because Miss P was the bestest friend you could wish for in a high school, we were two different people with the same agenda and the laughs we had actually make me a little teary but in a happy way. Miss P will always have a big place in my heart and definitely always in my Happy Place. Love you Miss P xx

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Love Nathalie X


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  1. Love it! I was too much of a goody two shoes to do anything like this – missed out on a lot of laughs, I’m guessing!

  2. My happy place today was standing on my front verandah looking out at a sky filled with thick black rain clouds and a big fat arched rainbow stretched across my outlook. Rainbows always bring a smile to my face and warmth to my soul.

  3. Shontelle says

    My happy place is when I was a kid we moved around alot until mum bought a house and we settled down and stayed for years. I met this girl just around the block who became my besets friend inthe whole world. We did everything together me and her and my beautiful lil sister and her best friend used to ride bikes swim in creeks skip class to get hot chips on cold day in stead of pe lol we used to get up to so much mischief. 🙂

    • Your best friend growing up makes the best happy memories. It’s like bottling up the happy moments and releasing them and you a right back there again. xx

  4. Love as always your writing. Thanks for including us in your life Miss N!

  5. Thanks for the tip. I’m a maths tutor too. Will definitely keep a lookout for the old “broke my arm” excuse…
    I made cupcakes with Mr 4 today. He loves adding the flour because it makes lots of “dust” and reminds him of his real passion: roadworks and construction. Just amazing how everything reminds him of that, whether it’s “digging” in his cereal or “rolling” his bread flat.

    • You check those casts make sure their real 😉 Love the way children can see their passion in any activity, shows their imagination and creativity of open ended play.xx

  6. Happy #6: Tonight we watched The Princess Bride with our kids for the first time. It’s one of my favourite movies ever, currently coming up to it’s 25th anniversary of production.

    It has everything a great movie should have: great storyline, characters, cast, adventure and romance. I remember watching it as a teen so enamoured of the charismatic and valiant Westley!! (Still scrumptious.) Everyone enjoyed it but I would laugh before the punchlines in anticipation. Silly mum. 🙂

  7. Pauline says

    I havent been able to get on the site for a couple of days, so I have many happy places. An arvo nap when 3.5 is at kinder and 1.5 is asleep. Shopping with a girlfriend. A very impromptu night out with a couple of mummy friends. I hope the site is easier to get onto tomorrow, but I love that you are making me look at the good moments, not just the bad!

    • Wow Pauline, what a great lot of Happy places. Remember that some days it may be hard to see the Happy moments but amongst it all there is always one xx

  8. Chelsea says

    Watching my kids sleep. As I write this they are both cuddled up with me. The days troubles seem nonexistent and tomorrow has promise. The complete passout that they have sometimes my son will be in middle of telling me how he’s not tired and suddenly all is quite as he has dropped off. Their perfect faces, warm bodies. I love the sleepy look I get when they wake up. The cuddles that follow. Every night before bed I go into their rooms just to give them an air kiss and tell them how much I love them. Somedays i forget how much they help make my life perfect.

    • Chelsea what a beautiful way to see the end of the day, whats over is over and like you say we never know what the next day brings. Children do bring a lot of happiness xx

  9. Today my Happy Place came from a card I received from a good friend. We’ve been calling each other “bucket list buddies” because we made this list of things we wanted to do last summer and we did almost all of them together. We’ve since added things to our list and our families have been continuing to do things together this fall. They are often simple things, like going apple picking, or spending a weekend at the beach, but they are always tons of fun. She was a huge help to me this past year when I went through my divorce. I would joke and call her my therapist, because she always had a great perspective about things, and always cheered me up when I was down. This past month she has been going through a difficult time at the school she works at and her son attends. This time it has been my turn to help her and cheer her up. She wrote me a beautiful card thanking me for my support. It made my day to know that I am special to someone (other than my family).

    • Lynn what a beautiful friendship you have and it is so great that you are both there for each other. Love your bucket list buddies idea, may borrow that. xx

  10. Friendships like those should be honored, as you have done on day 6. My partner in shenanagans is still my best friend, for the past 23 years. Despite the 1000s of miles between us, we still remain as close as ever. She is actually anti computer so we send each other letters, via snail mail several times a month. I love recieving her letters and hearing about the updates in her life. Each day I go to the mailbox, I get excited for the personal mail that may be among the bills and junk!
    Today I am happy for the sunshine, the falling leaves, and the sweet laughter of my 2 midgets.

    • We are 1000’s of miles apart too but those moments will alwsy make me happy. Love sending and receiving cards and letters xx

  11. Jo Thomson says

    My happy place was taking the girls to a disco with a foam party… It was tonnes of fun and they were too distracted to worry about the nasty storm that was happening outside. Although admittedly they were almost as wet from the bubbles as they would have been if they were dancing in the rain 🙂

  12. Michelle S says

    I haven’t had a chance to record my happy moments in the last few days so this afternoon I will share two. On Friday I offered to take a friend to Sorrento to catch the last ferry to Queenscliff and the time we spent in the car and on the peir waiting for the ferry was precious, a chance to talk, achance to vent, a chance to share and best of all a chance to laugh. I smiled and giggled all the way home. My second happy place was today. I looked after my 2 nieces and nephew overnight with my own 2 children and their playful banter always brings a smile to my face. I love how they enjoy being together. Today their parents came to pick them up, which then turned into an imptomptu lunch. As it was my brothers 2 children and my sisters 1 child we had the whole family together. It was so lovely. The only small sad part is that our other brother and his family live in England which means they don’t get to share these moments with us. But we are happy all the way….. :O)

    • Michelle how fantastic you got one on one time with your friend and it just doesn’t matter where it is 🙂
      So pleased and happy for you that you had fab family time too, isn’t it wonderful when all the cousins get along. xx

  13. Claire says

    My Happy Place on Day 6 was finally clearing out the larder which has needed doing for weeks as I kept knocking things over or things were falling out. A whole packet of spaghetti cascading out onto to the floor was the last straw !! I know know I don’t need any more tea or tinned tomatoes for a while !!

  14. debbie says

    Happy #6; In the morning I had some alone time with a work out at the gym felt so good its been along time but is about to become a regular event. After lunch we went for a family play down at the beach. 🙂

  15. Rachelle says

    my day six happy place was still getting a exercise session despite the bad weather ( normally train outside). Then watching how well my kids are doing in there swimming lessons even though they have had several weeks off due to illness

  16. Catherine says

    Arrived safely at our destination! My happy place is listening to my two monkeys (mr 2 & miss 1) chatting at 3am! Through the babble of baby talk and laughter it was hard to be mad! It warmed my heart to see the friendship they have formed and their sense of fun!

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