National Bandanna Day – Helping Young People Deal with Cancer

 National Bandanna Day – Helping Young People  Deal with Cancer

Young people living with cancer often find their lives racing ahead at lightning fast speed or completely slowed down by the intrusion of cancer. Those who have a parent or sibling with cancer find their lives sped up by having to take on extra chores and responsibilities. Young people with cancer find their lives put on hold by treatment and lose their independence having to rely on their parents again. All of these young people are forced to confront emotions and situations, including mortality and death, far beyond the usual encountered by people their age.

 CanTeen is the only National charity dedicated to helping young people fight cancer, no matter what their cancer experience. October 26th is National Bandanna Day and people across Australia are coming together to help young people stand up to cancer and take back control of their lives.

Jess & Emily Loss their Father to Cancer

 A cancer diagnosis causes fear and uncertainty and can threaten the security of a young person’s world, leaving them feeling vulnerable, frightened, confused and alone. Sisters Jess and Emily, who lost their father to cancer after a 2 year battle, know just how much cancer can take over a person’s life. Jess says “I kept asking her over and over again if they were sure that it was cancer and that they couldn’t do anything else- trying to cope with the fact that I only had two years left with dad, and he wouldn’t even be there to see my 21st birthday. That day changed not only myself, my family, my life, but it changed my whole world.”

When Emily first found out her Dad’s cancer was terminal she says “there were no words to describe it. I just had a blank feeling, and then the tears came and I started thinking about what life would be like with Dad gone.” In order to deal with cancer in her life Emily says “I became very good at keeping busy and I threw myself into my university honours year. I used that as a way to focus my feelings elsewhere.”

CanTeen’s work empowers young people to take back control of their lives and better cope with the shock, disbelief, anger and fear as they encounter hospitals, treatment and uncertainty of life. These mixed emotions can throw young people completely off balance and have a devastating impact on their transition from childhood to adulthood. At CanTeen young people learn how to deal with living with cancer. Jess says “I have learned so much its hard to describe. I have learned that life is all about family and that you should surround yourself with people who love life because it’s so short. My friends have told me how much I’ve grown up through my cancer experience.”


National Bandanna Day Friday 26th October 2012

During the month of October we are asking all Australians to buy and wear a bandanna to show young people that you support their fight against cancer, and that you will not let cancer be the boss of them. With the help of funds raised on National Bandanna Day, now in its 18th year, CanTeen will continue to run vital counselling and support programs as well as work to establish special youth cancer centres and services to help young people rebel against cancer.

This year there are five new bandanna designs on sale and a lapel pin. CanTeen’s bandannas sell for $4, pens $3 and the lapel pins $5. All items are now on sale at Woolworths, Woolworths Petrol, Wendys, Super Cheap Auto, BCF, Goldcross Cycles, Amart, Ray’s Outdoors, Rebel Sport, Newslink, and GNC Live Well as well as street stalls nationally on CanTeen’s National Bandanna Day, Friday 26th October.


CanTeen needs your support to help young people show cancer who’s boss.

Another way to spread the word is by sharing this post. On Twitter you can use ##NBD2012 Thank you for your support

For more information visit: or call 1800 226 833.

Thanks to Jenny Wood who wrote this post  – National Bandanna Day Media Co-Ordinator

Miss 16 & her friends supporting National Bandanna Day

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  1. My daughter’s daycare is supporting Bandanna Day, I was very proud of her when she asked me to buy one to help sick kids.

  2. We like to support Bandanna. Not only is it for a great cause ut we get to look funky too!

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