Parenting: The Tooth Fairy “Mummy I’m Rich!” and be glad you don’t live in Mongolia

Parenting: The Tooth Fairy “Mummy I’m Rich!”

Mr 6 seems to be losing teeth every week, so the Tooth Fairy has been frequenting my house quite often lately. As soon as Mr 6’s tooth falls out I write on my hand the initails T.F. a reminder that the Tooth Fairy has to visit that night and so far so good. The Tooth Fairy has only forgotten once and after leaving her a kind note as a reminder, she hasn’t failed us.

This week, just as Mr 6 was having his breakfast, his tooth fell out, which he then promptly lost under the couch, not as impressive as the one he lost at the footy and had dad on his hands and knees and most of the MCG stadium looking for it. I told Mr 6 not to panic and when he returned from school he could just write a note and leave it on his bedside table.

Mr 6 started his note on his return from school, he would ask how to spell certain words like beautiful which I would write down in his own notebook dictionary.

After his bedtime story I reminded him about his note and to leave it on the bedside table “I’ve done it mum, it’s under my pillow for her”

“Oh, can mummy see it?” Mr 6 responds “Well it’s a bit private because I’m asking her a question because when my friend Mr 7 was here last week, he said that the Tooth Fairy is not a Fairy but a mouse”.  Thanks Mr 7 . When I grew up in Spain it was a mouse, then when I moved to the UK it was a Fairy, I was unfazed by this change as long as I got my coin. I explained to Mr 6 that in different parts of the world the Tooth collector was different. Anyway I kissed and hugged him goodnight, remembering to return later.

The note to the Tooth Fairy

Well, I got distracted with work, mum woke up a couple of times and I fall into bed around 1am, then of course I remebered the Tooth Fairy. So in the dark in the bedroom I am looking for hubby’s coin pile, which I can’t find but he does have $5 in his wallet, that will do.

I tiptoed into Mr 6’s bedroom put the $5 on his bedside table as I carefully tried to prise the note he wrote from under his pillow where his heavy head was laying. After about five minutes I managed to get the note out but could not read it in the dark. So I go out into the hallway to read this;

Like I am not tired enough, I creep back into his room to find a pen on his desk. I find a pen and lean outside on the hallway wall deciphering his M Box and his T Box, I tick The T box for I’m presuming that means Tooth Fairy. Mr 6 has also requested that the Tooth Fairy draw a picture,  I cannnot draw as you can see by my picture of the Tooth Fairy. So now I put the note back under his pillow and creep back into bed. As I start to drift of I get a big Doh in my head I did not put the $5 under the pillow. I get up again, I’m feeling a bit over the Tooth Fairy right now. I go back into his room and for the life of me I cannot find the $5 on his desk. I go back to my room to get my phone to use as a light, to search for the $5 which I eventually find on the floor. Finally it’s all under the pillow and I go to sleep.

My little man was over the moon that the Tooth Fairy replied to his note and left $5 although “Mummy she’s not a very good drawer of fairies for being one”

“Maybe she had trouble drawing in the dark and holding a pen, because she would be tiny and the pen is real big compared to her”

“Yes Mummy that’s sounds right, next time I’m going to ask her to tell me all about where she lives and what she does with all the teeth”

Lessons I’ve learnt from the Tooth Fairy over the years

  • Do not send the Mr in to leave the money under the pillow if he’s had a few beers. The Mr left $100 note under the little Miss’s pillow we woke up to “I’m rich, I’m rich”
  • Do not let your child play with the tooth for longer than 10 minutes, they will lose it.
  • Check all notes written to the Fairy, or prefably say the Tooth Fairy can’t read or is far too busy to read and write a response
  • Count your blessings that you don’t live in Austria where they either make the baby tooth into a pendant head, a key ring, or throw the upper tooth under the house and the lower over the roof.
  • Count your blessings even more that you don’t live in Mongolia where the baby tooth is given to a young dog. In Mongolia, the dog is respected and is considered a guardian angel. The baby tooth is put in the meat fat and it is fed to the young dog. When the guardian angel eats it, it is said, that a strong tooth will grow.

I know that the Divine Twitchy Corner has written a post on The Tweens: Where Sex Ed meets the Tooth Fairy and the Almighty Edenland has too Somebody give the tooth fairy a double espresso. And some gratitude.

 I’d love to hear about your Tooth Fairy stories, so leave a comment if you have one and if you have blogged about the Tooth Fairy leave the link in the comments.

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Nathalie Brown

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  1. I never, ever get tired of Mr 6 stories. He has cuteness coming out of every cell in his smart little body. As for his Dad and the $100 note- I’m in disbelief it did not come with a little note saying: “we are economising on fuel. Your account is settled for life.”

  2. 0hNat, you had me at “by this stage I’m a bit over the tooth fairy” and then I smiled as your beyond tired self struggled back n forth all for the sake of a myth (a very important one!!) Here’s a creepy thing..sort of…my mum or dad put my baby teeth in a tiny replica chest of drawers…and now I inherited it, eeeek…my teeth of more than 55 years ago are in there…. I KNOW..and back then a silver coin would be left, in a glass of water that the tooth had been left in. Under the pillow is tricky.

  3. What a gorgeous post. I am about to walk out the door with a big smile on my face. How gorgeous! Punky is still a little bit young to be loosing any teeth yet and Cuddles is still growing his baby ones so I have all that to look forward to.
    I am happy the Fairy is a Fairy and not a mouse 🙂

    • Happy That Mr 6 Made you smile. Punky and Cuddles will I’m sure bring you lots of delightful moments when the time comes for the Tooth fairy to visit. I love the innocence of childhood… 🙂

  4. Oh I absolutely love your work, Mrs Fairy. And your sons note, what a charmer! “Dear Beautiful Tooth Fairy ..” gold!


    • I’m just glad I didn’t have to feed our dog his tooth 😉 and when you say you love my work, I get all warm & fuzzy Thank you Roller Girl x

  5. A bit about the tooth fairy in our house and as hubby does this, when he was working away I have been known to say the tooth fairy only works weekends, how bad is that! x Loved your story of Mr 6 and his letter xx

  6. Your son is just way to clever. I don't look forward to this tooth fairy business. but this story did make me smile.

  7. Back in my birth country we don’t do toothfairy. We throw our teeth onto the roof. I can’t remember why, lol.

  8. Personally I’m a huge fan of the toothfairy. In our home we have a fab book about her. It’s a story about all the different things the fairies do with all those teeth. Personally I’m a big fan of the theory that they turn them into fairy dust. Imagine all those toothy smiles being the very thing that makes the fairies fly!

    • I do love the tooth fairy and the like, the whole innonce and sheer excitement it brings the kids. Love the theory that they turn into fairy dust. Do you mind passing on the name of the book Nx

  9. My son asks me to write notes to the tooth fairy and then we have to reply in dodgy looking handwriting the answers to the questions.

  10. Celine says

    Hehehe! Great blog! I love the little note he wrote to the tooth fairy – very cute!
    Also love the lessons you’ve learnt from the tooth fairy over the years hehehe!

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