Nathalie – Who I am & what I do

So who is Nathalie?

Well I am 42 year old woman,(43 next week)who had a real panic attack about hitting forty but so far so good. I have been married for 18 years to the same hubby, I have two kids one girls Miss 15 and one boy Mr 6. Most of you know I care for my mother who has Alzheimer’s and she lives at home with me. This to me is a very real world of juggling my family life, my role as a mother, a wife and a carer. We all know the ups and downs of motherhood and how we pick ourselves up and carry on. In general as women not just mums we dust ourselves off and continue the best we can. The best we can is good enough.

I run Easy Peasy Kids and work as a Child Behaviour Consultant, a Teenage Mentor and a Parent Counsellor, this too is  the real world I live in everyday. I work with all types of behavioural issues, this is my job, my passion and probably something I will always do. I see families on a daily basis and assist in all types of matters from bedtime routines, eating issues, toilet training, tantrums,  depressed and moody teens, rebellious teens, abused teens, depressed Mothers, ADD, ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder etc… The list could go on, just trying to get the point across that I work with pretty much any behavioural issue – Yes this is the real world, I live and breathe it 24/7.

I ride an emotional rollercoaster everyday, depending on the cases I am working on, I should be a tough cookie, but I’m not. I keep it together to a certain point but behind close doors, normally the bathroom, some cases make me cry a lot. Yes, I’m experienced in what I do, but my heart is real and I genuinely get upset. It use to bother me, I told myself this is your job, pull yourself together, but I came to realise that it’s OK to feel sad and emotionally drained when working with families and children who have been through hell and back.

Nathalie & Easy Peasy Kids – Behind the Scenes

Easy Peasy Kids supports children’s charities like  Angels for the Forgotten – who work with children in traumatic and abusive circumstances.

Project 18 –  Improving the life of orphaned and underprivileged children .

We also like to surprise our Face Book likers with a random acts of kindness, we have sponsored mothers into the Sunny Mummy Sisterhood, sent out bouquets of flowers, donated a nights out, and include Pro bono work  with free phone consults and email advice. We run giveaways to try and make motherhood a little easier.

I am also passionate about family and childhood research to understand behaviour and development and fully support Dr Bron -Family researcher,  the Baby lab research team at Swinburne University who are currently investigating Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and a student who is investigating the impact of role overload on the lives of women and mothers. So do me a favour go and check these awesome researchers out, fill out a questionnaire and be part of the revolution in understanding certain behaviours.

Nathalie – I’m not an Expert or a Supermum

I actually cringe when I get described as an expert or a supermum, makes me feel fake. I don’t believe anyone is 100% expert in parenting or children, there is always more to learn and every child and family are different. I can get a call, take details of the situation they need help with, plan in my head what I will do to help. I then arrive, assess, observe and change the whole plan I originally thought of. No technique or style is guaranteed. Most behaviours although initially may look the same, does not mean the same technique will apply. All children and famillies are unique in their situation.

Nathalie – my synposis

I am just me, I fairly straight forward, I have no airs or graces.  I have dreams like we all have and have so far have lived a life with many ups and plenty of downs. My downs are what I have in my head and don’t necessarily want to share with the world (maybe one day) suffice to say that I have experienced lows, lows so low that I thought I would never ever be able to live with. Yet here I am, we all experience extremely sad and heart wrenching situations, that we may not share. Everyone has an outer exterior and a life behind closed doors. So when I say I understand what you are going though  I really do understand.

I do take a lot on. I cannot help myself, I do not want anything in return, if I help you its because I want to, I don’t expect anything back, I give because I want to, my mum said you give from the heart, if you expect something back you are not really giving but expecting.

Many a times I may take a while to get back to you whether it be by phone, email, or oustanding reviews that I’ve promised I’ll do. I haven’t forgotten! You are still on the To Do list, I’ll get there, the list is long… and many a times a serious child  case will come in that needs urgent attention, more urgent than a blog post and I have to drop certain things and focus on the case at hand.

I am not perfect in any way. I am probably quite quirky when I think about it, with a wicked sarcastic streak running through me. I get nervous meeting new people in social situations and seem to over analyse many little things, that’s what happens when you study behaviour. I like a glass of red, G&T or bubbles, I have been know to swear but I am real. Easy Peasy Kids is run by me a mum.

The tips and quotes I put up on Facebook are fluffy and nice because I do know that there is a lot of harshness in the real world, I do at times get stern about certain issues like children on Facebook, but try and keep my social media interaction as friendly as possible. No point in talking about the not so great issues I deal with,a client’s work is confidential.

It’s just me and my family all in the same house, I have a team of carers to help with my mum when I go out to work, right now she’s sitting next to me as I type this on my laptop and some great support behind Easy Peasy Kids. I really cannot housekeep, I’m not a great cook and I really don’t sweat a lot of small and biggish stuff.

I do find I learn something new everyday, normally from my own children, or those I work with, they keep me in the real world.

Like everyone, we all have our faults and strenghts, mine seems to lie with children and their world, it’s what I have been doing for what feel like years and something I hope I will continue doing for many years.

Thanks for reading about my real world, I am a mum  and a parent just like you.

My Munchkins

What do people judge and presume about you?

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Nathalie Brown

Child Behaviour Consultant at Easy Peasy Kids
Child Behaviourist and researcher. Creator of "Less tantrums. More smiles". I look at the bigger picture and think outside the box when working with children and their behaviour. Their world is different. As adults we sometimes forget this. Happiness Creator in my spare time. Eater of chocolate and cake.

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  1. Thanks for sharing yourself! *Pfffft* to anyone who says that you don’t live in the ‘real’ world. Gosh, unless you’re a celebrity with a nanny, personal trainer, personal chef and a plastic surgeon, then we all live in the real world! On a serious note, I can understand how it would be hard to ‘leave work at work’ when dealing with kids and families, and all the scenarios involved. You’re doing such awesome work, and it’s obviously something you’re passionate about.

  2. Great post Natalie, its a shame that a few people made you feel you had to write it but sometimes it feels good to know you’ve put yourself out there and no one can make things up or start rumours when the truth is staring them in the face. Love your work, Carax

  3. oops forgot the ‘h’, apologies Nathalie x

  4. Stacey says

    LOVE it! I know you, your passion, your kindness, your reality! Keep being you, without you, I would not have gotten through the past few mths which I am yet to share (& we all know I share way to much lol). There really are no words to describe how I feel having you in my world, so thank you, for being you, rose colored glass, apron wearing, crazy woman who is there for others no matter what. Ps I am your neighbor in the real world, it’s tough but wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! Love ya Nat, you ROCK & make lives easier peasier 😉

  5. So lovely to get to know you Nathalie. I think you do an amzing job running Easy Peasy kids, and you are obviously a woman who is VERY grounded in the realities of REAL LIFE. Bravo, following your heart and doing what you do so well. Thank you for sharing all that you do, with us xxx

  6. nic gray says

    wow, i have read your posts on fbook many times but only today had a look at the web page…well done

  7. I love your blog, fb page, I follow you because I search for encourgement, I search for assistance in helping me to mould my young children. I search for answers to their behaviours (not always great). I’d encourage anyone who thinks you live in lala land (and doesn’t like it) move on, don’t follow, don’t read, but don’t discourage. Thank you for a wonderful resource.

  8. Nathalie hun you did not have to justify yourself to anyone but go you for doing do
    You are one of the most real honest woman i have had the pleasure of getting to know
    Sadly some people are threatend by reality possibly even feeling guilty they dont feel the same way but its ok in the end we are all just trying to live our lives & make a difference
    In the horrible real world your quotes are a sunny reminder that we may take the smallest things for granted & that our children can show us the beauty in everything, if only we let them
    Rock on babe you are doing an awesome job

  9. Cate Bolt says

    I agree there is no such thing as a parenting expert! I’ve been a mum for 20 years, have 9 kids andhave had to learn how to manage each of their special needs – Autism, ADHD, ODD, PTSD and sever anxiety disorder. Above all the more children I’ve had the more I learn how little I know. Now with 33 more children in Indonesia I get to learn how little I know all over again 🙂 Thanks for mentioning Project 18

  10. Oh Nathalie, I can’t believe you have felt the pressure to justify yourself! Anyone who has spent more than 5 minutes on your website would see the passion you have for your family, your work and your other projects. It’s all very real.
    I’m sure you’d *like* to duck out to la la land occasionally, but I don’t reckon you’d find the time.

  11. Kim Lawrence says

    Totally agree with everyone above (Mandy in particular)…the people who have made you feel the need to write this post are not nice and you don’t need to listen to them. You are doing AMAZING work in so many different areas, certainly juggling, no justification is necessary. Such a shame and in my experience, typical of many parents that they aren’t interested in listening to/reading another opinion. You don’t have to take it on, do what you like, but maybe, just maybe, sometimes you might find a better way, a hint/tip that works better than what you are doing!!! If we shared more we might all make less “mistakes”. Thank you for your help Nathalie.

  12. I love your blog and quotes that come up on facebook, they help me see the happy and sunny side. I am just learning how to balance working and being a mum (M1 is 7 and M2 is 3) – you are helping me do that. Thanks

  13. I love your honesty and your authenticity. If you lived closer you and me would be great friends. I think we have a lot in common!!!! Natalie. i don’t think you live in lala land. I think it is wonderful what you are doing and you are making a huge difference to other’s lives.

  14. There is always someone who has to put someone down…a very ungrateful world sometimes… sending you a virtual hug…I enjoy reading your posts, and I am sure you are helping a lot of people out there , by just following your posts…I actual wrote an article today encouraging people to be grateful to others….
    sending a virtual hug to you xxx

  15. Debbie Jones says

    So lovely to get to know you Nathalie. I follow you on facebook and am getting a lot from Easy Peasy kids. Thanks, for shining a bit of truth – That we all have storms passing through our lives from time to time and for helping us learn to dance in the rain. And for encouraging us to make the most of life, no matter what we are facing. Thank you for sharing all that you do, with us xxx

  16. Narelle says

    Thankyou for this, its insightful enough to have me wanting more 🙂

  17. Kate – My Dear Angel says

    All I can say is I couldn’t live without your fluffy and nice comments on Facebook. They bring a guaranteed smile to my face, especially when quoting your little guy!

    I think you come across as very real, very authentic, as you are so truthful and really are, just like us. You are very much in the real world, more so than most of us mothers, as you are dealing with all the different issues, daily. Where one mother might be facing difficulty with a child with ADHD, or a grumpy teen, you are faced with the whole spectrum of issues, daily, as well as trying to carry on as a wife, a mother and a lovely, lovely caring daughter.

    I think the world of you, whatever world it is that you live in!

  18. Ohhhhh!! – I just LOVED reading that! Thanks Nat – you already know how amazing i think u are so i won’t rave on… XX

  19. Nat..I feel a little peeved that something happened to initiate what seems like a semi-justification for who you are. Real, authentic, committed, passionate, loving, and making a difference to people’s lives. I’ll take fluffy and nice any day x

  20. Sharon says

    Nat I think you are just amazeballs, your “fluffy” sayings always make me just stop awhile & think, they are there usually when I am at the end of my tether with the kids, they give me a lift. I for one am glad I managed to come across you & I thank you X

  21. Oh Nat, this just made me love you even more.
    You are awesome.
    Not perfect. None of us are. But you are brilliant, and kind, and awesome.

  22. Oh and btw happy Birthday for next week, I have a Big One on the 23rd XXXX

  23. I loved reading about you… appreciate all you share and the status that touched me the most was when you wrote about letting your Mum have a Christmas present each day cause she thought it was Christmas … that was so sweet and special and made me feel warm and fuzzy 🙂

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