Blogging For Good Causes: The Fish Slap

Blogging For Good Causes: The Fish Slap 

” Who do you think you are ? Are you nuts? You can’t change anything, this is life get use to it!” A comment I hear daily, a comment that does not stop me but makes me even more determined, more passionate and more YES I can do it. I appreciate we all have incredibly busy lives, we all have stress and we are all juggling everything 24/7. Personally juggling my life at the moment has me taking one step forward and two steps back and no matter how hard I try, something else comes along which continuously keeping me on a permanent go state. The last couple of weeks have been one of those days every day leaving me feeling flat and a bit “Oh woe me what have I done to deserve this?” Suffice to say I have done things I would never ever think I would have to do especially with mum’s rapid  final stages of decline with her Alzheimer’s. Nevertheless everyday I hope is an OK day because OK is actually the best I can hope for. Then I get the Fish Slap…



Bright sends me a Fish

So here I am with my “Oh woe me” and my gorgeous sponsor child ‘Bright’ sends me a letter. A letter thanking me for sponsoring him and he goes on to tell me that he belongs to the Wasse tribe and his people are farmers, although there is not much to farm at the moment. He loves to draw fish and is looking forward to a letter from me. Mr 7 says “Cool fish, did Bright not colour it in because he has no colouring pencils?” Bright has no colouring pencils but more importantly minimal food supplies. As many of you know the icon that is Eden speaks all about her visit to Africa on her blog. Eden was my kick in my butt to do something, I mean if Eden can go to Africa I can hold a fund raiser at my house- right?

So next Tuesday 5th June between 11am and 2pm I am hosting a get together at my house. More details just here. You only need to bring a plate of something edible to share. I am hoping to raise funds in groups to sponsor children through world vision , so if you can only afford $5 a month you can still be part of the sponsorship programme, with a $5 a month commitment. Easy Peasy Kids has also bought Giving Bowls which help support Foundation 18, which every person attending will receive for free or if you would like to make donation in return for a Giving Bowl this will then go back to Foundation 18. The Giving Bowl is a concept thought up by the inspirational Cate Bolt. The concept is simple – buy a bowl, throw your spare change in it each day, at the end of the week or month and when it’s full – donate the coins to your favourite charity or cause. I  use them in schools, specifically in teaching children compassion and awareness of what other children go through around the world. So on school banking day they bring in their banking and a little extra for the Giving Bowl.  The Giving Bowl are also great to have in your work place for your work colleagues to contribute too. The other charity Easy Peasy Kids support are  Angels of the Forgotten who do the most amazing work helping children who have been through abuse and trauma.

I met with World Vision Australia this morning and they will be here too, answering questions you may have on all the work they do.


Passing on theFish Slap what can you do?

Here are just my suggestions of how you can help because the people that say I can’t change anything are wrong, Bright has a little more hope the the future, Foundation 18 has a little more hope for the future and so do Angels of the Forgotten. I’m not naive, I don’t expect to make giant waves but small ripples are better than no waves or ripples at all.

1) If you can attend next Tuesday drop me an email and I will send you an invitation

2) If you can’t attend may be you would like to send a prize that I can auction on the day to raise funds. I will blog about your business and your kindness.

3) If you are coming perhaps you can leave a comment as your presence may be the deciding factor for someone else to come along.

4) You can purchase the best E-book on parenting ever The Things They Didn’t Tell You About Parenting with ALL proceeds going to Foundation 18

5) You can share this blog as much as you like.


Thanks for reading and I’m really looking forward to next Tuesday



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Nathalie Brown

Child Behaviour Consultant at Easy Peasy Kids
Child Behaviourist and researcher. Creator of "Less tantrums. More smiles". I look at the bigger picture and think outside the box when working with children and their behaviour. Their world is different. As adults we sometimes forget this. Happiness Creator in my spare time. Eater of chocolate and cake.

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  1. Ooh, I need another Giving Bowl 🙂 Save one for me, Nat!

  2. So disappointed I can’t attend but hoping I can take part anyway… will email you 🙂

  3. Emma Isaacs says

    I’ll help Nat! I’ll make sure I buy the ebook tomorrow and will also donate a Premium membership to Business Chicks for your event. I’ll ask Britt to be in touch with you tomorrow to organise.
    Thanks for all you do – the world needs more people like you.
    Em xx

  4. Hi Nat,
    I would love to donate a voucher for the fundraiser you are holding as well as make something delicious for the event you are holding at your home.
    Please feel free to email me to let me know what might be appropriate.
    Kind regards,

  5. Hi Nat, is so true no matter how small the act we can all do something. I would love to help you raise some funds so please contact me as I have a few beautiful Scarfs that may help you!

  6. Dannie Wallace Wallace says

    So angry I can't attend sorry. I have a 13th birthday to finish organising *sigh*.
    can you also save me a giving bowl would love another one thanks. Hope all goes well.

  7. Oh Nat, I would absolutely love to come. And, I am so excited it is on a day that I can actually come. That is, no kids! Love the letter from Bright. Love Mr Seven’s response. Love the ‘Giving Bowl’! And, most importantly, love ‘Blogging for a good cause’.

    Would love to meet you too! Can I get an invite? Please? Pretty please?

  8. Natalie, I would be happy to contribute an Oola voucher. I’ll email you. Have a great fundraiser. Kelly

  9. You know I will be there! I am coming to help however I can xxx

  10. Suzi C says

    I so loved this idea. How did the day end up? I wish I was in Vic and could have come, but it has prompted me to act a little differently too. Thanks for the fish slap 🙂


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