My Happy Place Day Seventeen


My Happy Place Day Seventeen

These last few days although crazy as ever, I’ve taken the time to  try and analyse why I am feeling so much happier. Don’t get me wrong I’m still normal and of course have my moments of panic, anxiety, stress, guilt , anger and frustration,although through practice I can move through these emotions by accepting them for what they are, well they are there for a reason and I carry on. I try not to dwell on why I may  be feeling like that. I mean if another car cuts me up, I know I am angry because of that. But there are random moments when I cannnot work out why I am feeling a certain way and that’s OK.

My Happy Place – My Light Bulb Moments

Things I’ve realised lately that I have accepted and help keep me in my Happy Place or atleast help me refocus on the positive.

  • I have good patience 99.65% of the time
  • I don’t sweat the small stuff, which may be big stuff to someone else eg: housekeeping
  • I laugh a lot – I have a sarcasm streak which I can’t help
  • I have been married 18 years and if I can do that I can pretty much do anything
  • I have parachuted out of a plane for charity therefore I have courage ( I may have had a little bit of an accident)
  • My right leg is pinned into my hip but doesn’t stop me doing much except marathons, which I don’t want to do any way
  • I’ve been in a Formula one car and raced around a track with a driver – I was petrified but loved the exhilaration
  • I used to practise Shukokai full contact Karate, so I can if I wanted to kick some butt
  • I’ve been in a stunt car whilst it was doing stunts, therfore I am nuts but a bit of a dare devil
  • I love singing ( I can’t sing ) But doesn’t stop me imagining doing a duet with Guy Sebsatian
  • I’ll eat pretty much anything I may have eaten a pigeon in China
  • I have travelled a lot and met some gorgeous and lets say unique people
  • I have had dinner in Amsterdam whilst a gimp sat on the floor next to me
  • I believe in the benefit of the doubt
  • I know my children, hubby and mum love me
  • I am Godmother to six children – so therefore I must be responsible and trustworthy
  • I daydream
  • I let my children have a soft drink and Macca’s everynow and then and they are still alive
  • I swear in my head
  • I love to dance like a teen but don’t quite have the moves right
  • A glass of red, G &T or bubbles nom nom nom
  • I’ve learnt to be me because you can’t please everyone
  • I love blogging
  • Love fancy dress parties
  • I love that my kids don’t take life too seriously and have fun and laugh a lot

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Love Nathalie X

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Nathalie Brown

Child Behaviour Consultant at Easy Peasy Kids
Child Behaviourist and researcher. Creator of "Less tantrums. More smiles". I look at the bigger picture and think outside the box when working with children and their behaviour. Their world is different. As adults we sometimes forget this. Happiness Creator in my spare time. Eater of chocolate and cake.

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  1. Michelle S says

    Happy, Happy Happy. Today I managed to finish an assignment, do 2 loads of washing, vaccum the house, wrap my daughters birthday present for tomorrow, go for a walk and help my son make some yummy cup cakes. Usually I would feel stressed after a day like this. Not today. Today I feel like I have accomplished lots.
    Happy Day to everyone.

  2. Chelsea says

    Have not written for a few days due to some highly stressful emotional decisions. Today though I remembered a day when my son made me laugh so hard I actually had a small accident!
    I was cleaning the car and was getting a little worried that my four yr old son was being strangely quite. With this in mind I turned off the vaccum cleaner and was about to go looking for him when he pops out from inside. He was naked but had Completly glued sticked himself and tore up toilet paper and stuck it all over his body. He was covered. Face, eyelids, checks, ears neck chest, bum legs toes and even his willy. Even now I can see him standing there and it brings a smile to my face. God I love him. He brings me such joy

  3. debbie says

    Love your post today 🙂 You have some really funny, cool memories some that sparked flash backs of mine. So I will follow your lead.

    * Im very lucky I don’t have to work and get to spend all my time with my babies
    * I sometimes sweat a little on keeping up with the washing/cleaning – Everything was folded and put away straight off the line, if it wasn’t it was only one small laundry basket. But of late I’m working on giving myself a bit of a break and extended to two baskets sitting for a day or so. lol
    * I think I have the best kids in the world – They are my sunshine to every day. I am one lucky Mum.
    * I’ve been married 13 years – I believe getting married is easy staying married a life time is the true sign of love.
    * I have parachuted out of a plane and it didn’t make me sick. But the backseat car ride back to the lodge through the alps did.
    *I’ll eat pretty much anything (once ate live tadpoles in Thailand) So I must be brave or crazy?
    * Really love my house and never want to move. I love spending time at home.
    * My man and I pull some awesome moves on the dance floor. Its very funny and most of our moves we picked up in India lol
    *I love to cook (even more so with a glass of wine in my hand)
    *If I could teleport myself and hubby somewhere it would be The Sacre Coeur paris with a bottle of wine & picnic at sunset or on top of Kala Pattar Nepal overlooking the world.
    *A very scary monkey tried to attack us in India and out of fear my hubby tried to used me as a shield. lol
    *I daydream about living like the jetsons
    *I’ve learnt to be me because thats who I’m happiest being
    *I can ride a rip stick
    *I love making things
    *Making other people happy makes me happy
    *I once drank really yummy juice while sitting in a sewage gutter which a cow was drinking from two foot steps away. Thankful I watch the shop keeper make the juice. lol

    Thanks for inspiring the Happy Memories flowing and for putting up with my long post. 🙂

    • Debbie wow you have done some aweome things I’m grinning from ear to era, You Rock, what an inspiration, thanks for sharing xx

  4. Natalie Villa says

    Love your post! Gee woman, youve done plenty of interesting things!!! Many of those I can relate to, especially where you dance like a teen but I do have the right moves! Lol (Moves Like Jagger)
    My Happy Place today was at breakfast. This morning my wonderful friend, the one who keeps me sane, Sandra took me breakfast. Even better, her precious little girl, my god-daughter came too. We were only there for 30 minutes but it was the perfect way to start the day.
    So in case I didn’t already say it, “Thanks Sandra! Wanna go again tomorrow?”
    My advice to everyone, go out with a friend/friends atleast once a week, even if it’s for 10 minutes cause it really makes you feel happy 🙂

    • When I come to Sydney I hope we have an all day brunch 🙂 Great tip seeing a friend lifts the soul. You are both just divine (little bit jealous but in a good way ) xxx

  5. Love your post today Nathalie, I think listing things like this is a great idea, and can help us re-focus on what is important. Lov your style! My most happy moment today came from chatting to a friend and realising that this challenge has made me realise my kids provide so many happy moments in my life. Sometimes they get lost in the chaos of life. Soooo thanks for helping us refocus! Sooz.

    • Sooz you are just so lovely, so pleased its helped you. It has really benefitted me heaps too. Love seeing the comments and reading the blogs that link up. Children provide so many happy moments that they can be missed and now we are all seeing them xx

  6. Sandra Fragoso says

    My Happy Place! Is… DITTO DITTO Natalie’s one. Nat will call me lazy if I don’t write a comment. So… I had a great day with my BF. First we had Brekkie with my littliest Miss 21/2. Then we met up ltr in the to do Grocery shopping with my Mum. Sounds boring but with three crazy nutters loose in Coles…Hee! Hee! But the best part is how I help Nat buy a couple of New outfits! She is seriously gonna to look like a hot Fruit salad!! Can’t wait to see her wear them out! Carmen Miranda eat your heart out!

    • Do you mean me Nat or your bestie Nat I would never call you lazy:) Your day sound so much fun and I love that you even find happiness in Coles. Nat would look fab in a binbag she looks hot and has a heart of gold just like you xx

  7. Just reading your daily post, as well as the others, has made me a happier person! I am grateful for this challenge — it has really opened my eyes. Love Mr. 6 quotes too… Thanks to everyone for the daily smiles you bring to my face!

    • Lynn thank you, its great having you here. Yes somedays can be total shockers but just taking even a few minutes you can find some happy pockets. xx

  8. Two things:
    Firstly: My poor darling nearly 16yo dog, after 3 days of being *extremely* sick in the tummy and only nibbling cold cuts from my hand, I cooked up a pot of boiled chicken legs and brown rice, and she ate again yesterday and today. Hooray. Old age is a bitch. (Pun intended.)
    Second: Despite an extremely busy day rushing from appointment to appointment, between two of them, Prince’s Raspberry Beret came on the car radio. I turned it up high (which I never do) and bopped along WITHOUT any kids in the car as my song-and-dance-beards.

  9. Kate – My Dear Angel says

    Gorgeous photos Nathalie! I have been allowing a few ‘happy moments’ for my kids lately which I probably shouldn’t, but I can just see them for what they are for the kids, a happy moment. This morning was another. Miss Five reported that Mr Two had tipped a packet of Rice Bubbles all over the floor. I went in expecting the worst and found him rolling in it, eating from the floor, spreading it everywhere. He was so happy and content, and inwardly I smiled thinking ‘what fun!’. Outwardly I said ‘come on. Vacuum cleaner please.’ Decided not to get angry. Will just move the cereals so it doesn’t happen again.

    • Kate that is just perfect 🙂 A child doesn’t do things out of malice more out of experimentation. To reduce the no’s you say , keeping and moving things you don’t want them to have is the way. xx

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