My Happy Place Day Three

My Happy Place Day Three

I am happy this very moment  because finally I have managed to get myself to the hairdressers. I rarely have time to pamper myself, although I see this as a real necessity. Working with children I’m sure don’t want to scare them. Their honesty with me is refreshing and grounding “Miss Nathalie you have a lot of granny hair, it’s all white” was the clinching line for me too book the hairdressers.

I chose today not to feel overwhelmed with work and not to feel guilty for not doing as much as I normally do. I know it’s OK to have time for me.

My Happy Place Now

I’m now back home and so happy with my hair – love a good hair day ! I have twenty minutes to get ready as Pink would say “I’m going out tonight!” again a rare occurrence I’m sure for many of us and I am so looking forward to catching up with two lovely ladies for a drink or two. I will fill you all in tomorrow.


I must say it’s only day three and I feel the benefit of my Happy place already and I thank you all for sharing your Happy place with me, everything single comment has made me smile and happy. I am trying to comment on every blog and all your comments, if you haven’t heard from me today, I’ll be there tomorrow to read and comment on your happy place.


As Always Looking Forward To Reading Your Happy Thoughts, You Can Link Up Your Blog Below, Or Leave Your Happy Thoughts  In The Comments Section.  Thanks For Making Me Happy And Not Lonely On My Happy Challenge. Love Nathalie X

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Nathalie Brown

Child Behaviour Consultant at Easy Peasy Kids
Child Behaviourist and researcher. Creator of "Less tantrums. More smiles". I look at the bigger picture and think outside the box when working with children and their behaviour. Their world is different. As adults we sometimes forget this. Happiness Creator in my spare time. Eater of chocolate and cake.

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  1. Kate – To My Dear Angel says

    Lovely! I am desperately trying to get to the hairdressers but keep putting it off as I am not doing anything much social at the moment. Must go and just do it for me! Who cares if no one else will see it.

    Also loving this challenge too. Thanks for allowing me to join in!

    • That’s it Kate do it for YOU. It will make you smile. So pleased you love the challenge, I’m thoroughly enjoying it too xx

  2. Natalie Villa says

    WHOOO HOOO your hair does look great!
    My happiness today was proudly sponsored by my best friend Sandra! We have been friends since… well, before high school. We speak to each other everyday & for hours on end (Thanx kindly to the invention of headsets!). We keep each other sane and laugh at… Everything! I’m sure people think we are quite mad at times.
    Last week, she made me laugh so much, I couldn’t move for hours, I must’ve strained a muscle or something. Sandra being the caring friend she is, well, she just laughed some more!
    She knows my every secret and every flaw but loves me all the same (well I think she does) and she is always there when I need her. So, Sandra is my Happy Place a lot of the times, and I thank God for her everyday. We all need a friend like her, and just in case your thinking it, no you can’t have her! She’s mine 🙂

    • I will come to Sydney one day and lodge myself between both of you and laugh till we have tears streaming down our faces, just you wait xx

  3. Oh my goodness Nat – guess where I am reading this – on the iPad while at the hairdresser!

  4. Rachelle says

    Have not had the best day but I still found a reason to smile thus morning when my kids (4&2) were so happy to see each other after they had both been in their different ballet & gymnastic classes. They were all smiles……to see the love they have for each other is very precious=). A new hair do does wonders for us girls. Have to make time for me to get mine done=)

  5. Catherine says

    I am happy today hearing a dear friends mother had a successful operation. I am happy that she survived the anaesthetic and the surgery and that so far none of the possible complications have occurred. I am happy that my beloved mother is healthy and happy.

  6. Chelsea says

    I struggled today to think of something. Tough day all round. But then I remembered my 17mth daughters first time on a swing. Her and her brother were getting pushed by their Opa. My son was yelling higher, higher than my daughter started yelling igher igher. Whilst laughing her head off.

    • Even on a bad day, its good to see that our happy memories can be bought back which can instantly make us feel a little better.xx

  7. You look lovely. You must be very busy with all the happiness around here 🙂
    Today I got an sms notification that another baby has been born in my circle of friends (2nd in 4 days). Yay! Babies make me happy.

  8. Jo Thomson says

    After a hectic day I was finding it really hard to find my happy place tonight. But it came as I was putting the girls to bed. Nothing better than curling up in bed and reading them bedtime stories to finish their day. It really helped settle my mood and I’m very thankful for it.

    • One of my favourite happy places is reading with Mr 6, even if I’ve had a not so good day it never fails to make me happy cuddling and reading to him.xx

  9. Totally agree Nathalie, getting your hair done might be a treat to enjoy, but should never be considered a luxury. I put off getting my hair foils when I was pregnant and it was actually depressing to look in the mirror. I finally couldn’t take it and opted for tips instead ….hated them, but the sight of me in that horrid cap looking like an extra from the Thriller video still puts a grin on my face.

    My happy place today was passing a shop and seeing the most amazing sight here in Melbourne – a row of irn bru cans in the window (a scottish soft drink). I am SO looking forward to having a wee taste of home round the campfire this weekend 🙂

    • Love food and drink happy thoughts. Your irn bru cans remind me of when I found Hellmans Mayonaisse in Melbourne I actually whooped for joy in the supermarket and my friends back home were happy they could stop sending me a jar over every month.xx

  10. Today’s happy thought #4:
    For some time my obstinate young Miss 4 would not let go of her plastic spouted cups for morning and night milk, her melamine plates or her high chair. The chair in particular had been getting in my way and I wanted it gone. But she refused all my suggestions- it had to be on her timeline. (I’m trying to save on her future therapy bills wherever possible.)

    A few weeks ago, we went to Queensland and stayed in a holiday apartment. Miss 4 used Big People plates, Big People cutlery, sat in a Big Person chair and drank her milk from a mug.

    When we got home and dropped our bags, I saw her stomp over to her high chair and violently kick it over! Bye bye chair! Hello hard rubbish! (The rest of the items are also history- one fell swoop) 😀

    • Hey gorgeous, not sure where my other reply went.
      Holidays are a fab opportunity to get things changing, I told Miss 2 that once we left Spain her dummies had to stay there, so she could have a big seat on the plane. The were left behind and I was worried about how she would be back home, didn’t even mention them. xx
      Sorry my original comment disappeared x

  11. debbie says

    Great to hear your having a happy day and taking some you time.:) Day Three was a bit of a teary emotional day for me 🙁 This is my happy place so wont dwell. One of the many benefits of having little ones around all the time, is they are very observant and know when your feel down and always have the sweetest things to say. They sure know how to make me smile. Tomorrow I am going to have some girlie time with my cousin and spend the day watching some dvds.

    • It is perfectly fine to say that you haven’t had a good day, my emotions are always up and down. Children are divine when they realise you are flat. Have a lovely day today with your cousin.xx

  12. I love getting my hair done. I am now inspired to do so in the next 26 days! The color looks great! Is it normally that dark?
    Today, I called in a professional favor from a friend, with minimal pleading. He was more than willing to help out and his expertise was much needed. I am fortunate to have such a great group of friends.

  13. Loving your challenge Nathalie – hope you are not finding it overwhelming to comment on everything! Sooz.

  14. Yes, I hardly ever go to the hairdressers. It’s so hard to find time for me, when I’ve got my son to look after, and as Mothers, we always put ourselves last. But as you say, a little pampering is important and we must look after ourselves too.

  15. Claire says

    I was happy because my husband left for work a bit later as I was feeling a little overwhelmed and that I have a great and wonderful mum who I speak to every day and popped in to play with DD

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