What makes a good friend?

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Child Behaviour Consultancy Easy Peasy Kids has a new home

Nearly three years ago I decided to follow my dream of working with children and changing their behaviour and I established Easy Peasy Kids. My dream is now very real, I live it everyday and I'm totally loving every single moment. My initial dream had also factored in; more time at home, no stress being my own boss, seeing families and children perhaps once a week which would allow for heaps of … [Read more...]

Parenting: What would you like your children to remember most about you?

Warning: This Post has Upset some People due to it's nature. The last thing I want is for anyone to feel worse after reading. It is about Life and death and only MY EXPERIENCES.   I think about death. I think about me dying suddenly. Gone forever.  This last year I've seen and lived through people I love die. Good people that were part of my life, people who played a big role in your lives … [Read more...]

Dear Mum

  Dear mum I hope you are as well as can be considering the situation. Me? I'm doing good, still crazy busy at work and loving every moment I'm with children. Very similar to when you use to tell me the wonderful stories of how much you loved working with children as a paediatric nurse. I don't enjoy all the business stuff and grown up decisions but I'm getting there and yes my desk is … [Read more...]

Confession: 17 years of ‘mothering fails’

I have a seventeen year old daughter, she's in her final year of high school. Next year my Miss 17 is off to see the world on a gap  year. My baby girl is a woman. Every day I'm amazed that she's all grown up, it blows me away. Before she was born I read every book available on having children. I wanted to parent 100% spot on. No parenting fails for me. It didn't quite work out like the perfect … [Read more...]

Behaviour: I have two faces. Do you?

Does anyone really know you? Do they know what goes in inside your head? Do they share the voices that you hear? Do they smile outwardly and hide the emotional pain they feel constantly? Is your day a constant one step forward, two steps back?  I fall into all of the above and I'm sure that I'm not alone. We have friends to share how we feel with, although we are scared to dump too much on them, … [Read more...]

But how do I change my behaviour?

So you really want to change? You feel down in the dumps, flatlining at the end of the day, it was a tough day, most days are and you get through them. We all have bad days, some people have absolutely horrific days everyday. My perception of my bad day, will not match yours. They are non comparable. There are far too many factors making us who we are alongside our own personal situation to … [Read more...]