21 Days of Tiny Steps to a Happier Me

Any type of behavioural change takes time. There are some truly amazing people that can decide to change something and can do it overnight. I am not one of these. My head is full of wonderful intent yet  lacking the go and get them attitude when it comes down to the crunch. I can beat myself up over pretty much anything and the words "It's my fault" replay in my head on a daily basis. The irony … [Read more...]

Behaviour: Beating myself up. It is all my fault. I only have myself to blame.

Are you a self blamer? I am. When things do not got to plan, it is practically always my fault. I grew up with this self blame notion and am pretty sure I have an it is all my fault gene.  I could and still can apply it is all my fault to pretty much anything. From not being picked to join a team even though I had trained so very hard to blaming myself in moments of being bullied. My fault gene in … [Read more...]

Behaviour: How to have a little more patience and kindness in the New Year

Behaviour: How to have a little more patience and kindness in  the New Year Every day I want to get more done, every day I want more hours just to finish anything fully. Yet the time in a day never changes, it is a constant non changing amount of time. I am one of those rushed people always racing to get somewhere or get something done. I don't want to be rushed anymore. I want to slow down a … [Read more...]

Motherhood – Totally Unprepared and I still am!

Motherhood - Totally Unprepared!   Nothing in the world can prepare you for Motherhood.  No matter what you read or get told. There are not enough adjectives, verbs or nouns to describe Motherhood. I remember very clearly when one of my best friend from school had her first baby. My beautiful, super organised, glamourous girlfriend; opening the front door, looking absolutely petrified, … [Read more...]

Mummy is putting on her big pants

 Mummy is putting on her big pants I am putting on my big pants, you know the ones you save for certain times of the month, or the ones you wear because they feel ever so comfy and hold you all in,  well I'm putting those big pants on for a while. Tuesday is surgery day. Apparently I will swell up big time. I'll be away from home anyway between 5 to 10 days, then recouping for six weeks. My in … [Read more...]

Behaviour; What do you find unacceptable?

Behaviour; What do you find unacceptable? It has been an emotional year on many fronts, not only for me but for many of you, such is life an ever changing situation, that we cannot control. As a child I craved adulthood imagining that as a grown up it would be easier to change and comprehend the ins and outs of human behaviour and the complexity of our world. Why does someone abuse a child? Why … [Read more...]

Overloaded…Overwhelmed… Over It…

Overloaded... Overwhelmed... Over It... Forty days have passed since my mother moved into high care and the world continues. Forty days since I last blogged and the world continues. Forty days it has taken me to feel OK. If you pass me on the street I look OK, if you speak to me I sound OK because what you cannot see with your eyes I am dealing with inside. That is my emotional mechanism and what … [Read more...]