Social Media Behaviour: Sitting on the Fence

Working with children keeps me sane. Sane to the extent that their honesty and innocence is refreshing. They rarely hold grudges and speak their mind. I get on with kids. As adults we too speak our minds but we can hold a grudge, my word can we hold a grudge. Perhaps I lack adult interaction actually I know I do. Therefore I love the connections and friendships I have made via Facebook, Twitter … [Read more...]

Blogging and social media: The Unofficial Guide of Do’s and Don’ts.

My confession; twenty months ago I didn't know what a blogger was. Glad to say that has changed and today I do consider myself a part-time sporadic blogger. Do I love blogging? The simple answer is yes. Why do I love blogging? In one word; connecting. Connecting with others that relate to the words I have written in a post and vice versa. I too connect with the words written by another blogger. … [Read more...]

ProBlogger Event – I fell in love – fell over and fell asleep

ProBlogger Event - I fell in love - fell over and fell asleep   Wow, wow, wow ProBlogger event came and whooshed past so very fast. Two days of continuous learning, talking, eating, driving, smiling, meeting, listening, laughing, hugging, kissing and copious amounts of coffee and chocolate. A world wind two days that I probably was not really up for emotionally or health wise, but I'm glad I … [Read more...]

Overloaded…Overwhelmed… Over It…

Overloaded... Overwhelmed... Over It... Forty days have passed since my mother moved into high care and the world continues. Forty days since I last blogged and the world continues. Forty days it has taken me to feel OK. If you pass me on the street I look OK, if you speak to me I sound OK because what you cannot see with your eyes I am dealing with inside. That is my emotional mechanism and what … [Read more...]

Blogging – All you need to know to start your own Blog

Blogging - Who wants to start a Blog? Last week on Facebook I posed the question "Who is interested in starting a blog?" the response was phenomenal. So this is for all you who are thinking about blogging or are a new blogger still finding your blogging feet. I am very honoured that the inspirational Louisa Claire from Brand Meets Blog is happy and willing to assist you in making your wish of … [Read more...]

‘Kidspot Ford Territory Top 50: Feel the difference’

 'Kidspot Ford Territory Top 50: Feel the difference' "My journey into blogging"   Me under my rock. My children are my rock. My journey into blogging  started around this time last year, up until then I was living under a big rock or so it seems as I have to admit I did not know what a blog was. Setting up  my own website and a  business Facebook page was enough, well all I could manage and … [Read more...]

Digital Parents Conference “It’s OK to be you!”

Digital Parents Conference "It's OK to be You!" I have a lot to say about the Digital Parents Conference but I'm feeling nice (and have my Mr 7's Birthday Party in a few hours) and will not bore you with the continuous stream of thoughts inside my head, so in just some bullet points this is what I learnt. It's OK to be exactly who you are, your voice, your blog, do it your way. There is not an … [Read more...]